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Are you READY to change the way you FEEL in your life?

Or maybe 


You  are READY to come home to yourself, get to know your authentic soul based gifts and walk the path of your calling?

After 15+years in human services, coaching, counselling and facilitation working with teen girls, mothers, and women from every continent on earth as well my personal experiences and journey back to self, I have learned what it really takes to create change in how we feel in life and who we show up as in our careers, our businesses and our relationships.

My approach in helping you create change in your life is customized, needs based, grounded in cutting edge science, heart centered, and professional but most importantly woman centered. This means every single coaching program, sister circle, or session I provide, has at its very foundation a Divine Feminine lens, with the intention to create social and personal change by reclaiming the path of the Goddess and rebalancing masculine and feminine sacred energies within. Personal Alchemy for Global Transformation 

I work on different levels and use a variety of techniques and skills, which means that I can help you...

If you are struggling in your relationships, in your career, or feeling anxious, depressed, burnt out, have lost your passion in life and crave practical change in your personal or professional life.

I am here to guide you in reconnecting with your most authentic self, enhancing the real world skills you need, and capitalize on your gifts and strengths to craft a feel good successful life. 

More wealth, health and happiness are possible for you...and I can help you. 

You don't have to do it alone, you were made to be a co-creator, let's work together to identify your needs, values, blind spots, vision, remove your challenges and blocks, up level your confidence, amplify your strengths and curate your most authentic, unique, aligned and balanced life.

If you READY to know yourself and share your gifts?

I can help you, If are you experiencing a spiritual wake up call, feeling disconnected from your heart, know you are here to be healing and light but need the guidance and support to connect with and manifest your calling.

Many men and women are waking up to feeling or craving a sense of purpose, their is a spark of deep awareness, a dying of the old, and a stepping into the unknown. 

Yet many struggle with being grounded in their purpose and highest calling, and need the support and guidance to help them live it... embody who they uniquely are. 

I provide the sacred space, wise nurturing support, and challenging techniques to help you reconnect with who you are, know yourself and your gifts and manifest your calling, your hearts' truest desire, and your souls unique purpose.

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If you have found yourself here, I believe we are meant to connect.