Samin Razzaghi
Certified Professional Coach, Intuitive Counsellor, Energy Healer ​

I have over 15 years of experience teaching real world life skills, supporting, cheerleading and activating women wanting - enhanced intuition, more confidence, greater health, wealth and happiness.

I work on different levels and use a variety of techniques and skills, which means that I can help you...

If you are struggling in your relationships, in your career, or feeling anxious, depressed, burnt out, have lost your passion in life and crave practical change in your personal or professional life.




If are you experiencing a spiritual wake up call, feeling disconnected from your heart, know you are here to be healing and light but need the guidance and support to connect with and manifest your calling, I provide the sacred space, wise nurturing support, and techniques to skyrocket your intuition, blow past your blocks, and connect with and manifest your calling. heart's truest desire, and your souls unique purpose.

Reclaim, (Re)Awaken, (Re)Discover
Your Wild Woman Spirit.


Have you always had a deep sense that you are here on earth to make a difference? 

Have you worked tirelessly to create change to the exploitive, oppressive, social and economic systems in our current modern world? And although you have seen a little progress you feel exhausted, drained and lack clarity on how exactly to make change happen?

Do you have a deep knowing that you have a unique calling?  Or do you ever ask yourself "What is my unique calling and purpose here on earth?"

Perhaps you have had to hide who you truly are, your unique gifts in order to "fit in" to a sick culture and are asking yourself "Will I be alone forever?"  or "What's wrong with me?" or "When will I be valued for being who I am?"

Or perhaps the modern world, and all the changes that we are currently experiencing has left you drained and disheartened, and life is a day to day struggle. Many powerful women are struggling to find happiness, fulfillment and get their energy back. Are you one of them?

I hear you. I feel you. I know you. I've been you.


Please know that I only work with women who are sick and tired of struggling, going around in circles, and are truly ready, committed and invested in transforming their lives from the inside out. 

So if you are ready I got you. 

I’m Samin Razzaghi, a Professional Coach, Intuitive Counsellor, highly sensitive empath,  and change maker feminist!  My soul's calling is to support women as they learn the skills needed to heal their relationships, careers, hearts and step into their most aligned life! My passion is to witness women reconnect with their heart desires and birth the new world with their presence and sharing of their unique gifts.

It's exhausting and disheartening to have these gifts in a culture that seems to exploit, undervalue, and diminish them. The patriarchy has always kept magical women apart, and many gifted women have been searching for community their entire life but have come up short. Does this sound like you? Has this been your experience?

If you have been estranged from your authentic self or ignoring the call of your heart just trying to "fit in..."

It's time!

To STOP  hiding who you really are

To STOP feeling unsure

To STOP living inauthentically

To STOP giving endlessly 

To STOP questioning and doubting yourself

to STOP numbing out 

To STOP ignoring your intuition

To STOP fighting the old ways

To STOP feeling all alone.

It's time!

To START sharing your gifts

To START receiving abundant wealth, health, and joy

To START being your authentic self 

To START owning your gifts and self confidence

To START trusting and following your intuition no matter what

To START birthing the new earth

To START following the whispers, nudges, visions and divine intelligence of your HEART

To RECLAIM and (RE)AWAKEN, RECOVER your wild woman SPIRIT.

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