About Samin Gaia

My calling is to help you get to know yourself and share your gifts. 

My mission is to help you create more wealth, health, and happiness by honoring and living in alignment with who you uniquely are. 


​Who am I? How long have I been doing what I do?​​

To answer this question, it's probably best that I share with you some defining moments that brought me to where I am today – coaching women just like you on exactly how to create the career, life and relationships they desire and deserve! 

I was born in Iran in the early 80s during the Iran-Iraq war and immigrated to Canada at the age of 5, so I know about conflict and change from an early age! I was raised in an intercultural household, I balanced living between two worlds, one highly individualistic (Canadian) and one that was highly collectivist (Iranian) this equipped me with a unique perspective on balancing individual needs and community needs.


I really GET how to create personal and social change simultaneously, and carry a social justice lens.


From my upbringing I also learned that regardless of where in the world we call home, or what culture we are raised in being a woman living in a global patriarchal system brings with it certain challenges, traumas, and also wisdom that we all have in common based on our sex, our biology.  I have also come to learn that patriarchy effects BOTH men and women, and that we have been living unbalanced both within self and in the external world. I believe that more and more we are experience a collective remembering of the Mother, the way of the Goddess the feminine power and balancing our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine qualities, creating change from the inside out. 

I believe we are rebalancing...

Heart and head

Mother and father

Left and right 

Structure and flow

Sun and Moon 

Yin and Yang

Light and Dark 

Inhale and exhale

Since I was a child I have felt a strong connection to spirit. I have strong intuition and am a highly sensitive empath. I am a natural born leader, with heart for community. These personal qualities and strengths are who I authentically am.


As a child I loved to write poetry or journal leaning up on a tree in Kananaskis, played the drums, spent time talking to the spirit energies around me, and hung out in metaphysical shops.


I had a deep knowing that we on earth to learn as much as we can and was always been intensely curious about the experiences and stories of others. I always wanted to ask people as young as 8 or 10 "Why are you here?" "Do you remember why you came here?" "What have you learned so far?"


I also really valued relationships over money or attaining goals based on acquiring possessions. I always felt like I didn't belong and was often confused by the values of the mainstream culture.


As I grew into an adult I slowly learned to betray myself, hide who I really was, work to fit in and started down a path of disconnection, self-hatred, despair...


I learned from our patriarchal culture that being a highly sensitive, intuitive, empathetic, and service oriented female was something that held no social value, and these gifts were exploited.


This disconnection from self continued for years....


...silencing the scream of my calling, numbing out with unhealthy addictions to weed and cigarettes, overeating, toxic relationships with unhealthy exploitive and abusive partners, confusion, distress low energy and physical unease.

In 2008 after YEARS of suffering and confusion I experienced a spiritual emergence, a spark of light in the hell I was living. I started experiencing synchronicities (meaningful coincidences), having the awareness of connection, co-creation with the universe, and space between who I am and my thoughts,


I started to remember my spiritual gifts and a feeling of connection to a higher power, a universe/spirit energy or (whatever we choose to call it). This is also when I stumbled upon my ideal life coach and spiritual mentor.


Coaching allowed me to really get in tune with myself, and reignited my connection to my unique gifts, remembering and reclaiming my calling. Was I an overnight success story? Well no.... 

What I have learned from these personal experiences couple with years and years of professional training and experience in human services is although change is absolutely possible regardless of the circumstances you might find yourself in or how you now feel, BUT you must CHOOSE to make a change, you have to consciously choose change... 

...change is a cyclical process and I continue to experience cycles of growth moving in and out of light and darkness. I did my work, continue to do my work, and know how you do their work too! 

I can help you make change happen in your life, I can help you embrace possibilities. I can help you FEEL better in your life, get to know yourself, share your gifts, and create more wealth, health and happiness. 

Personal and social change on earth today is happening at a faster and faster rate. As more and more people wake up and create personal change from the inside out, social change occurs.  This is a time ripe to be birthing the new world.

As we heal our internalized patriarchy, disconnection from self, move more and more from head to heart the earth and all living beings heal


The most radical act to create change is to love and value yourself and your gifts in a culture that is built on exploiting and undervaluing you. 


As we create personal happiness, we are able to be the light, and transform the suffering happening on earth by simply being, in service of others. 

Fitting in is the opposite of belonging. So in order to truly belong, and experience connection to self in-service to others you need to do the work, learn who you authentically are, share your gifts and create wealth, health and happiness from the inside out.

I help my clients heal past, be present now, and co-create more wealth, health and happiness. I help my client get to know who they are, what their gifts are and share their gifts in service to others. If you are READY to change how you feel in life, ready to know and share your gifts, and wanting more wealth, health, happiness I can help you too!

My passion, personal experiences, natural intuitive abilities, and intercultural identity are complimented by the following formal education and professional training that make me a unique and powerful coach.

  • 15+ years’ professional experience work with diverse people human services sector.

  • B.A. (hons) degree in Sociology from York University Toronto - located in Canada's most diverse city.

  • Certified Mentor Coach and alumni of the elite positive psychology based MentorCoach Community (2010).

  • Associate Coaching Certified with the International Coach Federation which sets the global standard for professional coaching(2015)

  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from the Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts. One of the top programs of it’s kind in Canada (2013).

  • Certificate in therapeutic drum circle facilitation (2017).

  • Certified Deborah King Center Divine Feminine Guide.

  • Intercultural expert with experience counselling clients from over 30 countries on a team of 100 women representing over 50 countries.

I have been a 1:1 and group coach since 2010. I believe in my clients and support their growth and alignment in tapping into and enhancing intuition to uncover who they authentically are, living their calling and creating personal and social change from the inside out. Having more wealth, health and happiness is a direct result of this work!

My 1:1 coaching program 90 days to Reclaim the Wild Woman Within contains 12 weeks of life changing teachings and techniques to help you recreate your life, building your life skills, and deepening your self-awareness. My mission is to help you learn about yourself, up level your life skills (which are transferable, problem-solving skills), and live your calling by sharing your gifts.

NOW is the time to AWAKEN your higher potential and be your greatest self. BE the Intuitive Wild Woman you know you are! Learn how to make change happen because YOU desire it! YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for!