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Wild Woman Dreaming 

Wild Woman Dreaming: unlocking the POWER of your DREAMS

How to use Dreams as Spiritual Practice 

In ancient times, humanity was much more connected with the cycles of nature. Dreams and the wisdom they contain were used to direct, know, heal, and soul search.

In modern culture we have forgotten the power of connecting to our nighttime wisdom.

But we the women are remembering…

You’re invited to join me for a live masterclass where you will…

Join with me and a group of intuitive wild sisters to

  • Explore how to unlock the power of your dreams

  • To learn the different kinds of dreams we have

  • To better connect with your spirit and receive intuitive guidance

  • To learn how to better use dreaming as a spiritual practice

The colder darker winter months are an ideal time to enhance your spiritual practice through dreaming.

This is 90–120 minute live workshop meeting on zoom.

Saturday Dec 11, 2021 

11:00am-12:30pm (MST) / 1:00pm-2:30pm(EST)

$47 USD