Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Jan Hill

“Samin is a brilliant coach and group facilitator. She has a way of knowing exactly what the core of the issue is and brings a client to awareness in a clear, direct, and respectful manner. Samin is exceptional in her work with women.”

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Montreal Quebec

Christina H

When I meet Samin I didn’t know what direction to take my career in, I was also struggling with co-parenting with my ex it was affecting my relationship with my daughter. I was in emotional turmoil. She gave me decision making strategies that were easy to use in my career. I am now financially independent and debt free because of this. I also got clarity about co-parenting and allowing my ex to be a parent giving him full responsibility when he had his parenting time and I was able to take the time to feel refreshed for her return. When I have my daughter now, I appreciate our time together so much more. I feel Samin helped me make the right decisions and follow through. I know I made the right choices for me. My co-parenting and career goals have come SO much further because of her and I no longer allow my ex to guilt me into or making me feel like my decisions are wrong.”


Kelowna, British Columbia

Rashmeet Parmer

Samin is one of the best mentor/coach/guides I have ever come across. When I started coaching with her, I was confused about my career, was new to the city I was living in, and my engagement to my fiance was in trouble. She helped me to solve the dilemmas in my mind and get clear, she helped me make decisions I felt good about, she was a compassionate listener, and encouraged me to explore opportunities I had never even considered until talking with her. I was able to make a career change to something I feel good about, call off my engagement and am now married to someone else, and have successfully made my new city a home! Thank you Samin for being there for me always and part of my journey”


Calgary, Alberta 

Heather Mirza 

“Before joining the Relationship Detox program, I felt very alone, like no one could ever understand what I had been through and no one could make it go away. I was so wrong, Samin made me feel so welcome and heard, I shared my story and didn’t feel any judgment because of Samin’s compassion and 

understanding. I know now that I have a kick ass woman in my life who has my back, I’m not alone at all. I was also having trouble moving on, I felt like my ex would come back to me and everything would be fine once my life got back on track. Now after coaching I realized I don’t want my life back the way it was. I deserve so much more, that’s what this experience has taught me. I had very low self-esteem, I didn’t think highly of myself at all after being treated the way I was it leaves very little left to feel good about. I learned that his behavior was not actually my fault, not me at all. I was allowing it. Samin has instilled confidence and support since the very beginning! I’m now myself again, confident, energized and open to new possibilities. An extra bonus is my amazing new friends!”